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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

First Blog...

Well, I've considered getting Blogspot for a while. I know it's probably alot more credited among bloggers rather than 'Tumblr' (my favorite) but I now have both so I can work out which one is better for me. Either way I'll use both because I 'blog' to share things I find like music and pictures or to just write out how I'm feeling a certain day instead of keeping a secret diary :)

I know sites like these allow people to become a different person, but I'm not like that, I'll be staying true.

It's the second week of the Easter holidays now and I can't lie, it has been one of the best holidays in a while :) I've gone out nearly everyday with friends I havent seen properly for months and to just catch up with the people who I see everyday at college. I've eaten way too much chocolate for my own good and seen 'Kick-ass', probably one of the best films that will come out this year haha :)

That's all I have to share for now really